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Auto Insurance in Maine

Automobile Insurance
No matter where you live, if you drive an automobile, you need auto insurance coverage. Your auto insurance rate is adjustable through your coverage limits and your deductible amounts. There are a number of other factors that affect the price of insurance, including your driving history, your age, and the type of automobile you drive.
Auto insurance discounts are available depending on what kind of vehicle you drive, where you live, or the safety features your vehicle has. We provide discounts to students, seniors, and retirees. If you drive a new automobile, economy automobile or utility vehicle, you may be eligible for further discounts. Even the type of safety system your vehicle has can make you eligible for auto insurance discounts. For example, discounts may be applicable if your vehicle has passive restraint systems, anti-lock brakes, or anti-theft devices.
We also offer auto insurance discounts to those who have been accident-free with no moving violations in the last three years. Our best auto insurance discount is for drivers who have been accident-free for five years and who have no moving violations. We'll take the time to discuss the many options available and find a program that meets your individual needs.

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Homeowners Insurance
At the Midcoast Insurance Agency we are committed to helping you navigate through one of the most critical policy decisions you will have to make during your lifetime. In order to secure you the most appropriate and efficient coverage, it's important to us that we take the time to truly understand your unique insurance needs-because let's face it, every home and homeowner is unique-so why shouldn't your policy be?
We offer a wide range of coverage in the areas you need covered:

  • Homeowners - primary, secondary, seasonal
  • Island Property/waterfront
  • High Value- new construction
  • Special programs for antique or historic homes
  • Riders/floaters - for jewelry, watches, antiques, etc.
  • Mobile homes
  • Renters Insurance
  • Flood

Umbrella Insurance
Umbrella insurance is a separate policy that provides not only additional liability coverage (third party), but also provides you with free legal fees in most situations. The umbrella policy will only respond if a claim exceeds the underlying personal insurance policy and is relatively inexpensive. A few of our carriers are now offering umbrella coverage for under-insured/un-insured motorist coverage (first party) a tremendous benefit to you and your family. Limits are readily available to $5,000,000, but some will go even higher.

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Watercraft Insurance
Whether you use your boat to fish, cruise, or race, we know it must be pretty difficult to picture your life without it. At Midcoast Insurance, we make sure that you enjoy your time on the water without having to worry about what could go wrong. Our agency specializes in providing insurance policies for boaters, so you can be certain we will provide you with the best protection available. Midcoast Insurance Agency represents many quality marine insurance companies (underwriters). We know where to obtain the best rates for your vessel or business, depending upon variables such as size, value, age, construction, navigation area or type of marine business.
Whether you seek coverage for a yacht, commercial vessel, marina or boat yard, we can help you address your needs. Various carriers can even offer coverage for unique risks such as extended navigation, charter activity, paid crew and live aboard exposures.

Flood Insurance
Flood insurance provides protection for destruction and financial devastation caused by floods. Although it may not seem like much even a few inches of water can cause serious damage; resulting in thousands of dollars in repair and restoration costs. Homeowners insurance does not cover floods.
Although it may not seem as necessary as homeowners insurance, flood insurance is important if you want to keep your home safe and your possessions secure. Flood coverage offers protection against losses that result from heavy and lengthy rain falls, storm surges, blocked storm drainage systems, snow melts, etc.
Different types of policies are available based on your property's location and flood history:

Standard Flood Insurance Policies
If you live in a community that participates in the NFIP, your building and its contents can be covered by a standard flood insurance policy. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) was established by the Federal Government to help communities who "voluntarily participate in the NIFP by adopting and enforcing floodplain management ordinances to reduce future flood damage." To be considered a flood, the waters must cover at least two acres or affect at least two properties. You must apply for building coverage and contents coverage separately if you choose to invest in a standard flood insurance policy.

Preferred Risk Flood Insurance Policies
If your home or business is in a low or moderate risk zone, your building may qualify for a low-cost preferred risk policy. While you aren't required to purchase flood insurance in low-to-moderate risk areas, a preferred risk policy will protect your home and its contents if you are affected by a small flood or a larger flood that has extended into your low-risk area. In truth, many flood insurance claims occur in low-to-moderate risk areas.

Don't wait until it's too late as most policies have a 30 day waiting period before coverage begins, unless it is required due to a loan closing.

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Snowmoblie Insurance
The rush of the wind, spectacular views, trees blanketed in snow-for many people, there's nothing more exhilarating than spending a weekend in the great outdoors.
Snowmobiling may be one of the most exciting winter sports, but it's also one of the most dangerous. In a split second, exhilaration can turn to disaster. In a split second, everything can change. But what if something does go wrong?
If something unexpected does happen, an insurance policy through Midcoast Insuramnce Agency will make it easy for you to get back on your snowmobile as soon as possible. We offer insurance policies that protect you, your passenger, and your snowmobile. As an independent insurance agency, we work with multiple insurance company's to find you the most appropriate and affordable coverage for your individual needs.

Life & Health Insurance
Life insurance - term, whole life, return of premium, key man, single premium.
Disability Insurance - plans for individuals, key man.
Long Term Care - several options to choose from.

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Motorcycle/ATV Insurance
All Terrain Vehicles, Quad, Four Wheelers: whatever name you call it, the fun is still just as good. If you're using it as a weekend cruiser, running around the farm, or taking it hunting - having your ATV is a lot of fun, but it's also a big investment. What happens if it's sitting in the garage and a poorly placed battery ruins the gas tank and engine? Does your homeowner insurance cover it? What if you're not on your property and have an accident? Are you or your ATV covered? Even worse, if someone steals it from your backyard, or it's hit while waiting to load your quad onto the trailer at your favorite trail - how are you going to replace it? We can help with all of these scenarios.
Selecting your motorcycle is a big decision. Protecting your motorcycle is easy.
Whether you're a weekend warrior, a casual rider, or a hardcore motorcyclist, our motorcycle insurance policy offers protection for you, your bike, and your accessories. Our policy is designed to meet the personal and financial needs of most motorcycle owners.

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Classic/Collector/Antique and Exotic Auto Insurance
Whether you own a classic or antique, a hot rod or a street rod, maybe a replica/kit car or perhaps a modified, custom or exotic, You've made a BIG INVESTMENT in your specialty car!
Most standard auto insurance policies do not provide the special and unique coverage you and your specialty car require. Each policy is as unique as the vehicle, here are some policy highlights to consider (others may apply):

  • Agreed Value Coverage - Pays the vehicle's full insured value (less any deductible) in the event of total loss.
  • Zero Deductible - a zero deductible option, providing zero out of pocket cost in the event of a claim.
  • Mileage Plans - The days of a one-size-fits-all plan are over. Now you can select the mileage plan that best fits your needs (2,500, 5,000 or 7,500).
  • High Value Vehicle Program - We provide coverage and discounts for vehicles valued over $150,000 or collections valued over $250,000.
  • Towing & Labor for Collectors (TLC) Plan - A comprehensive reimbursement plan which is affordably priced on a policy level. Learn more about TLC emergency services and unique reimbursements designed just for collector car owners; like missing a car show due to an accident or mechanical breakdown.
  • Coverage for Vehicles in Restoration - Not quite finished? No worries! We'll protect the car throughout the duration of the restoration.
  • Inflation Guard - Automatically increases vehicle value by 2% each quarter (up to a max of 8%) at no additional cost.
  • Spare Parts Coverage - Should damage or loss occur to a classic "spare part," our policy provides up to $500 coverage at no additional cost. *Additional coverage is available.
  • Higher Liability Limits and More Deductible Options - We provide more cost and coverage options for you.
  • Automatic Coverage for Newly Acquired Vehicles - Qualifying vehicles purchased during the policy term are automatically covered for 30 days for values up to $25,000.

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Valuable Article Insurance
Typical homeowner's policies are designed primarily to protect your home, personal liability and general contents of your house. But if your property includes high value contents like heirlooms, jewelry, an art collection, your silver or china collection, or even the wine collection you've been maintaining for years, you can't depend on the typical homeowner's policy to keep your property protected.
Many people think that their valuables will be covered for their entire value under the contents limit on their homeowner's policy. Don't get caught off-guard: in a usual home owners policy there are many sub limits on valuable items, making it unlikely that all your belongings will be replaced for their full value. In order to better protect your exceptional items, it's important to have them covered under a valuable articles policy.
This policy is designed to schedule your valuable items at an appraised value that is agreed upon by the insurance company. The advantage here is that you can determine what you would be paid in the case of a claim. At the time of a covered loss, you would get 100% of the itemized value in a loss settlement-all with no deductible or depreciation.

Here are a few examples (not all inclusive and varies by company) of items that should be covered by valuable articles insurance:

  • Jewelry and engagement rings
  • Silverware, china and crystal
  • Antiques
  • Fine Art
  • Stamp and coin collections
  • Bicycles
  • Sound equipment (recorders)
  • Sports equipment (archery, camping, fishing, skiing)
  • Cameras
  • Computers
  • Musical instruments
  • Golf Equipment
  • Furs
  • Guns
  • Wine collections

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Rental Property Insurance
Rental Property Insurance, (AKA Dwelling Fire Insurance) can protect your rental property from similar causes of loss as a homeowner's policy and yourself from legal and personal liability. With Dwelling Fire Insurance through Midcoast Insurance Agency, you can rent your property to others with confidence.
Dwelling Fire policies cover houses and structures that are NOT occupied by the owner. A homeowner's insurance policy may NOT cover damages to a home that the policy holder is not living in. Dwelling Fire insurance covers all fixed structures such as the home itself, the foundation, cabinets, walls, countertops, etc. Most dwelling fire policies DO NOT cover personal property because the policy holder is not an occupant of the home. Dwelling fire policies can be written for other structures on the property also such as sheds, unattached garages, barns, pagodas, and greenhouses. If a covered cause of loss leaves your rental home inhabitable, a dwelling fire policy will cover up to a year's rent for the vacancy We even have programs for weekly or monthly rentals, not just those rented annually.

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